Fruit Of The Spirit Ministry

Fruit of The Spirit Ministry

These small ministry groups are named in honor of both the specific fruits of the spirit from Galatians as well inspired by this verse. We are in the process of updating our roster of spiritual advisors.


Leaders                                                                                                             Spiritual Advisors

Sister Deborah Thornton       (Circle 1)                       Faith

Deaconess Jean Jackson      (Circle 2)                  Fellowship                   Deacon Jessie McCrae
Deacon Louise Richardson

Sister Ada Keaton                 (Circle 3)                        Praise

Deaconess Mattie Gay        (Circle 4)                        Love

Sister Maxine Bynum           (Circle 5)                        Hope

Deaconess Eloise Turner     (Circle 6)                        Compassion

Sister Margarette Blakemore (Circle 7)                     Grace

Deaconess Philicia Jones     (Circle 8)                        Unity

Deaconess Sharon Tucker   (Circle 9)                         Joy

Deaconess June Jackson     (Circle 10 & 12)              Victory

Sister Dorothy Whyte          (Circle 11)                        Glory

Brother William                  (Circle 13 & 14)                  Salvation
& Sister Diane Smith

Sister Jasmine Jackson         (Circle 15)                        Spirit


The Fruit Of The Spirit Ministry, in partnership with the Church Pantry Committee, spearheads the annual Fall Food in-gathering on Fruit Of The Spirit Ministry Sunday.

Each member is assigned, by zip code, to one of the 15 circles; each family unit and/or household is assigned within the same circle.  You can find the name and contact information for your Circle by clicking the link below.

Each circle has a circle leader or leaders and at least 6 captains; each captain has approximately 10 members to contact.

Each circle leader or captain is encouraged to contact each new member assigned and to maintain follow-up contact with all circle members.

Each circle has one or more spiritual advisers assigned to provide spiritual guidance to the circle leader as well as the members.

Each circle is a partnership to promote Christian fellowship, concern, comfort, and contact.

Each circle is a communications network to share information regarding church activities and other events of mutual interest and concern to enhance Christian and personal growth.

Each church member is encouraged to promptly provide change of address information and new telephone numbers to the Circle Leader or Circle Captain or Church Secretary.

The Circle Ministry, in partnership with the Church Pantry Committee, spearheads the annual Fall Food ingathering on Circle Sunday.


Circles Ministry Listing

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