Esports tournaments have gained immense popularity in the world in the last 5-7 years. This fact has not ignored bookmakers and betters, which has spawned an entire industry of e-sports betting.

You can bet on almost any e-sports discipline, while you can bet both real money and things from the Steam trading platform (skins). Bets on e-sports are accepted at almost every esport betting sites, while the number of possible markets (betting options) in each bookmaker is different.

The larger and more representative eSports tournament, the wider the accessible market for markets. Bets are accepted in 2 modes. It is possible to bet before the start of the e-sports match and at the time when it is in progress (Live bets). The maximum and minimum bets in each bookmaker are different and depend on the bookmaker and the playing teams.

Unfortunately, in e-sports, as in regular sports, there have been cases of match-fixing. However, in comparison with ordinary sports, very severe sanctions were applied to these players in e-sports. Almost all players convicted of match-fixing have received a lifelong disqualification, while other e-sportsmen will think many times before arranging a “contract”.

The main market for e-sports is the victory of the team in the match. Bets are also very popular such as: match total or total cards, handicap of one of the teams (by rounds or cards), team victory in a specific card. There are special bets for each type of e-sports (in Dota 2, this may be the first death, the murder of Roshan, the first fallen tower; special bets in CSGO are the victory of the team in the pistol round).

We believe that all people have been created in the image of God and all life is  valuable, sacred and must be respected as an extension of God’s divine character. We are called to create a loving and caring community for all people.

Recognizing that our spiritual journeys are all different, we strive to be respectful and inclusive concerning each individual’s relationship with God.

We seek to study, understand, and live out the Word of God through our daily actions and interactions with others.

We commit to work together for justice and peace in our world as a church without walls, so that all people may experience the transformative power of God’s love.

The Nineteenth Street Baptist Church will increase its active membership by 50% within 5 years




100% of active members will say they are serving in at least one ministry that matches their spiritual gift(s). At least 50% of the membership will be actively involved in the Christian Education ministries, including Church School, Bible Study, conversations with the pastor, connection groups with the pastor, special topic bible studies and leadership training seminars.


Over five years, the church will increase the youth ministry budget by at least 30%, hire a full-time youth pastor, offer youth church every Sunday and provide at least ten ministries that are designed for youth and children.




We will sustain a culture of excellence in Christ-centered worship that celebrates the talents within the church, city and nation for the purpose of giving God our highest praise.




The church will invest at least 20% of our budget in updating and modernizing the physical  plant, including the Jones Handy House.





Each leader will be equipped and enthusiastic about faithfully carrying out the mission and vision of the church in support of the pastor.




Support our commitment to outreach ministries that share the hope and love of Christ on the local, national and international levels.